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Some useful softwares are very expensive (cost more than 1/4th of the monthly wage).
Some of such softwares provide "demo" or "trial" version that may be used legally for a limited evaluation time period, perhaps with some limitations.
Some evaluation versions can be made "fully capable" through reverse engineering and cracking, though this is illegal activity.

Solutions of the problem:


Support use of cracked software and mimic the fact by separating the demo software and it's crack. The fact that crack exists and will be applied must be hidden or completely hideable (e.g. before software inspection).


Guard tool makes the illegality less visible by cracking the software in-memory, no files are modified.
Occasional hard disk scanner will find just the demo version being present. Moreover, all demo versions may be quickly and easily un-cracked by deactivating the Guard tool.


RQ01. Cracked version MUST be separated from original version
RQ02. It MUST be fast and easy to hide/remove cracked versions
RQ03. Cracking MUST NOT decrease stability of the whole system
RQ04. Installing/Unistalling a crack SHOULD be simple and user-friendly
RQ05. Background activity MAY be logged somehow, for future reference
RQ05. Cracking database MUST be easily portable to another computer

Installation instructions

  1. copy Guard.dll to your %WINDIR% folder.
  2. copy Guard.ini to your %WINDIR% folder.
  3. edit Guard.ini and for each guarded module (*.exe file), uncomment the host-entry or create new one.
  4. edit the Install.reg file, replace "c:\\winnt" with the value of your %WINDIR% folder.
  5. import Install.reg to registry.
  6. import guard's database Guard.reg to registry or create your own.

Uninstallation instructions

  1. import Uninstall.reg to registry
  2. delete files %WINDIR%\Guard.dll and %WINDIR%\Guard.ini

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