Open source BASIC interpreter embeddable into a Delphi application.

Based on Chipmunk BASIC 1.0 Pascal code from comp.source.misc donated in march 1990 by David Gillespie.

Ever dreamed about "simple" yet powerfull shell for Microsoft Windows?

Ever longed for old times, when text mode StarTrek(~600 KB) was the game to play?

Well, I did. So I took that Chipmunk BASIC interpreter written in Pascal and ported it to Delphi, added ability to callback to Delphi methods and functions from dynamically loaded libraries (DLLs), created "terminal" emulator with BASIC as the shell language... and then abandoned the project.

Yet, there are some antiques to think about left.

Latest version is available for download here: MB), some small documentation is available here.

Some source code

"Readme" for latest version


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