26 Jan 2003

Here is both source and binary update of "bfe" version 1.0 to version 1.1, which should be compatible with Bochs version 2. bfe-patch1.rar(~173 KB)


22 Jan 2002

Delphi 3 sources for Front End for Bochs Debugger in the bfe4v2os-src.rar(~69 KB) archive.


21 Jan 2002

Here is the first release of Front End for Bochs Debugger for Windows with source-level debugging supported.
Source code and documentation will come later.

Self extracting archive bfe4v2os.exe(~549 KB) includes Bochs debugger if you don't have one.

If you already have Bochs version 1.3 with BOCHSDBG.EXE, download just bfe4v2os-tiny.exe(~291 KB) and follow the readme.


18 Jan 2002

Here is the first release of Delphi support pack for V2OS.
The pack runs on a Windows station and supports only V2OS v0.64c.
Supported functions are GetMem,FreeMem,ReadLn,WriteLn and OS independant functions published in the System unit.

Self extracting archive pas4v2os.exe(~582 KB) includes all 3rd party tools needed.
( Note that some of the tools included are NOT licenced as freeware )

Self extracting archive pas4v2os-basic.exe(~280 KB) has stripped off the library rebuild tools.

If you have an Delphi 3 compiler on your system, download just pas4v2os-tiny.rar(~36 KB).

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